Anchoring technologies for wooden covers

“ADMAU” hook connectors

Admau model connectors for safe, concealed joints of beam for wooden rooves


  • S235 Steel


  • Admau self-drilling screws 10x80/10x120

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    Variants of this product

    Cod. Art. Minimum section secondary timber Connection with main joist Connection with secondary joist Minimum space for milling on secondary joist Hollow depth
    06ADMAU1 80x180 3 screws 10x80 n°3 screws 10x120 49x164 25,5
    06ADMAU2 80x180 4 screws 10x80 n°4 screws 10x120 49x164 25,5
    06ADMAU3 80x200 6 screws 10x80 n°6 screws 10x120 49x200 25,5
    06ADMAU4 100x100 4 screws 10x80 n°4 screws 10x120 85x90 25,5


    N.B.: Admau connectors are sold in pairs. Screws are included in each pack