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07.10.2016 Company

Wooden roofing, a virtuous idea. A WINNING CHOICE WITH MULTIPLE PROS.

Wooden roof? A more and more used solution both due to an increased environment awareness, and for the several pros the a wooden roof guarantees all round.

Adveco is a firm skilled in the technology for wood assembly and produces in its factory in Villa Carcina, province of Brescia, all the hardware necessary to build wooden eco-houses.

First of all we must remember that a wooden roof guarantees a long lasting duration thanks to the sophisticated production techniques and to the treatments of the wood, such as drenching and antiseptic painting.

And the aspect of security is not to be forgotten: to cover a house or a building with a wooden roof is a good solution, even more in a seismic area. In fact, wood has a density five times less than concrete, but has equal endurance to compression. In this way a wooden cover can more easily cushion the stress of an earthquake.

Moreover, wood has other qualities: together with thermic insulation it is used to deafen the spaces and, aesthetically, thanks to its many varieties of tone and colour, it adapts to every design need.

SEVERAL PROS made Adveco choose to specialise in the production of the hardware to build wooden eco-houses.

Recent studies demonstrated the absolute reliability and security, together with the added value for living comfort, energetic eco-save and respect for the environment, of the use of wood in anti-seismic constructions and bio-constructions.

This material adapts to the design of any kind of architecture, to the safe and ecologic building and re-building in short time of houses and public buildings. The economic advantages can be measured in a short, medium and long period. In the first place, the save is in the fast production and in the respect of deadlines. 

Then, in the medium and long period, the perfectly isolated building decreases the energetic usage, allowing to save up to 60% on the costs for heating.

Here are some of the products born from more of 30 years of specialization in the production of hardware for wooden roofing:

Please, contact us to get a free cost estimate or to fix an appointment.

News Archive Wooden roofing, a virtuous idea. A WINNING CHOICE WITH MULTIPLE PROS.