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07.10.2016 Company

Wheeled framework transport for BioSphera 2.0 project

Between November and December 2015, T&T Commerciale, a firm we have been working with for years, specialized in the trade of products for wooden construction, asked us to build a framework able to be transported on wheels of the prototype house of the BioSphera 2.0 project, of which T&T Commerciale is a main parnter.

Although that request didn't involve our typical production, it was accepted as a personal challenge for the engineering skills of Adveco, and as a result of the long partnership with this client also for the production of the hangers for the construction of the prototype house that could, if the project earns the success it deserves, become a constant supply for the construction of eco-houses.

The biggest problem was the time schedule: since the project had to be displayed in fairs and strategic areas all over Italy, starting from the first moths of 2016, we had very little time to complete our work.

So, on Adveco's request it was decided to create the framework "in pieces", so that it was easier to make, paint and move.

Only one framework exists. The BioSphera active house will be loaded on a lowered semi-trailer, to move the prototype from one area to the other, strarting from February 18th in Curmayeur, to get to Rimini passing through Turin, and to prove its capacity of adaptability to any environment and climate, thanks to tests run on the residents that will be carried out every time. The goal is to show the plus sides, quality and advantages of life in an active house, that is energetically indipendent and provides the highes living wellness, guaranteeing ideal temperatures without a traditional central heating, and that is able to produce more energy than the amount it uses. In extreme situations, in fact, if the temerature is too hot or too cold, the suitable climate can be restored with a spin on a special stationary bycicle to recharge the accumulators.

Adveco was able to complete its work within the time schedule and according to the conditions agreed with our client - the BioSphera prototype has, in fact, started its trip - demostrating great engineering competence and to be able to adapt its departments to projects different from its standard production, focused on hardware and metal shearing, and to be willing to help, reliable and ready to solve any kind of emergency.

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