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07.10.2016 Company

The strenght of specialisation - Adveco on Strutturalegno

The three-monthly specialised magazine "Strutturalegno", by Web and Magazine srl, is goig to publish, in its March 2016 issue, an interesting interview with Alberto Moretti, Adveco' sales director.  
In the four pages article by Sonia Maritan, it is told about the cornerstones of the firm, today at its 53rd year of business, that sanctioned its success, but also new ideas and challenges that Adveco is now facing.
Besides the emotion to read about the origins, how Alberto's grandfather, a dreamer willing to work and take a challenge, created from scraps, together with his sons, Amelio and Pietro, a strong and healty firm, you can read about the way of thinking thought to his heirs, in a kind of vision and mission that guide the always evolving firm. 
Through the questions of the journalist, you can retrace half century of the history of the firm, and it is underlined how metal shearing, particularly for the automotive sector, still is the firm's core business, but you can also learn how the work methods evolve toward a more and more efficient productive lay out, how the machinery are constantly and periodically substituted with newer and more efficient ones, how automation is supported but with intelligence, which means that it is used to optimize productivity without affecting its flexibility, the real great plus side of Adveco.
In the article, you can also find considerations about the challenges in new markets, and the partnerships for the production of hardware for wood. Wooden and straw houses are the new frontier of eco-friendly construction, and if until not so long ago this market was limited to few clients in the area of the Alps, today that of eco-construction is a sharply growing trend, both for the environmental situation we are all aware of, and because Instututions and Bodies finace and support such projects.
Adveco, thanks to its experience gained in the last few decades in the production of hardware, both standard and custom-made, for wooden houses, found itself gladly to be called to contribute to engineering studies and to supply small lots for display models and to tests for rsidential futuristic projects, such as those of Casalogica and BioSphera 2.0.
So, not only Adveco is getting more and more strong in this business, able to find new strategies of distribution and retail trade also outside the national borders, but it is also proud to being praised by emient Institutions and research Institutes!
Read the article on page 20 in the March 2016 issue of Strutturalegno.

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