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07.10.2016 Company

Quality and transparency made in Italy: Adveco’s bearing beams

Attention to the quality of its products and working environment has always been a crucial point for Adveco. The values of this firm go beyond all the matters of competitiveness and respectfully look at its work and workforce, a philosophy that allowed this family firm to develop and become a reference point for those who build wooden houses

The certifications and quality assessments earned during the years are the natural consequence of a 50 years and more lasting passion.

All these aspects are well represented in the first part of Adveco’s catalogue, in which are listed all the hardware and small parts produced in the factory seated in Villa Carcina, in the province of Brescia.

Adveco has a half century experience in metal shearing, in the making of mechanic tools and products, but, in the last few years Adveco has specialized in the production of hardware for building wooden eco-houses.

Most of Adveco’s products are CE marked, which ensures that the products meets all the EU standards and regulations. The CE mark defines the whole production of an item, from its project and production, to its marketing, use and disposal.  

Adveco’s small parts and hardware for wooden houses and all the remaining products are codified very clearly in the new catalogue, to allow the client a better understanding.

Together with pictures, technical sheets, figures and descriptions of each product, a key explains their codes.

ADV is the acronym chosen to identify an item of hardware or small parts produced by Adveco, and is followed by the code of the product and its finish:

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