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07.10.2016 Company

New joint for gazebos for round poles

On November 2015, after a request from a firm specialized in the production and trade of hardware kits for gazebos,  here at Adveco we developed a new joint that gave us the idea for a new product soon available in our catalogue. 

This particular joint allows to connect different poles that contitute the framework of the gazebo but, differently to our usual production, this new joint connects round poles.

While making this iron item, the challenge was that to find a way to perfectly  match all its tubular elements. In fact, it is fundamental that the matching angle of the seats of each pole has a precise mesure to guarantee solidity and give the possibility to build tha gazebo, giving stability to the whole structure.  

The solution found at Adveco was to create laser cut support, made in collaboration with a trusted external partner expert in laser cutting of metal tubolars, and to consequently procede by welding.

Laser cutting was in fact necessary to ensure precision at the moment to define the width of the matching angles. As a consequence, the amount of material to remove and the laser cut must be very precise.

The client's request, who found in Adveco a partner able to solve an engineernig issue, was also the starting point for a future serial production of this item: a joint for gazebos for round poles.

Once again, Adveco was able to shape its production to the needs of the client, studying and designing a new product fundamental to solve a complex problem. Thanks to the manufacutring experience developed during the years, we are always able to receive and satisfy the most unconventional requests.

We listen, we study a solution and we prepare a protoype for you to examine, and only after we start the production.

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