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07.10.2016 Company

Joints for wooden houses

Adveco is a firm seated in Brescia specialized in the development and supply of high tech solutions for wooden constructions, and it has recently published its new catalogue of hardware and small parts for wooden eco houses.

 Recently, Adveco celebrated its 50 years of production of custom joints and manufatcuring for every building need. Innovations has always been the engine for the growth of this factory, that developed thanks to the ability to find solutions where others see problems, and to foresee what the market would require.

Adveco’s history is one full of changes and innovation, but, most of all, of dedication, entreprenurial perseverance, passion and constant attention to the clients. Since its foundation, in 1963, Adveco continued its growth in production and trade, and today is one of the most important realities in the trade of custom metal shearing. It has been a consistent but solid path, in which became more and more important the topics of ecology, certifications, and complete service to the client.

In the last few years, Adveco’s production specialized in hardware for wooden roofing, establishing new partnerships with firms that produce and build wooden houses, and with hardware for wood wholesales and retails.

Everything about the product is developed within the factory, for the entire process, from the project to the production and its marketing: drawing, tests, and the whole process for certification.

Thanks to the presence of its own technical office, Adveco drafts technical sheets and the particular characteristics for its hardware and small parts for wooden eco houses.

The wide range of choice of joints for wooden houses, that can be found in the new catalogue, allows to respond to several different project needs: the connection between wooden parts must guarantee load bearing, reliability in the event of fire while being aesthetically pleasant. In its 15 chapters, the catalogue includes hangers, angle brackets, plates, post bases and concealed connectors, accessories for gazebos and fences, nails, screws, bolts and wall plugs. Adveco is so able to offer a complete range for wooden constructions, more importantly, with efficient products, designed to fit perfectly in every building system.

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