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07.10.2016 Company

increasing trend of wooden houses

Wood is an excellent building material, but, in Italy, has been appreciated as such just recently. Adveco, anyway, has immediately understood the potential of this new business, and included in its catalogue of hardware and small parts specific items for the construction of woooden houses and facilities, such as, for example, gazebos. Wood is highly resistant to traction, bending and compression. It is elastic, with a low specific weight and it is the only breathing material.

Wooden houses, for which Adveco has started the production of items to build wooden structures, thanks to thei high steam permeability, guarantee the absence of thermal bridges and condensate problems. They assure the highest economic convenience compared to traditional housing, both during the construction phase and as far as maintenance is concerned, and form part of the range of eco-friendly houses.

Years ago, it seemed unconceivable to promote a building technique different to brickwork, but, today, the environmental conscience of the citizens and consumers has changed deeply.

Here below some of the characteristics that distinguish the more and more increasing trend of wooden houses:

·      Durability

·      Eco-friendly

·      Seismic security

·      Solidity

Wooden houses are long lasting buildings, if well designed and built with high quality materials as those produced by Adveco, a factory seated in Villa Carcina (Brescia) specialized in the production of hardware and small parts for wooden roofing,

One’s building durability is strictly linked to the maintenance of those wooden parts that come in direct contact with atmospheric agents and/or pathogens. Hence, with some simple expedients, the lifetime of those walls can be increased.

Wooden houses do not damage the environment, on the contrary, they represent the better way to respect nature. Wood doesn’t require any energetic waste to be created, and it is the very best raw material.

This raw material, combined with the hardware and small parts for wooden facilities produced by Adveco, is the perfect building material for buildings in highly seismic places, because it is light, flexible and resistant, apt to face seismic events. Wooden buildings, in fact, can better absorb tremors, limiting  any possible damage to the structure. Besides, they can absorb with more efficiency the stress of an earthquake and they aren’t subject to large cracking.

Wooden houses last more, are more stable and inhabitable than those made of bricks and concrete. It may seem a paradox, but they are safer also in the event of fire. Why are wooden houses, for which Adveco produces hardware and small parts, safer? In a structure made of reinforced concrete, steel deformation and the risk of collapse happen at a temperature of 200°C, while, as far as wood is concerned, spontaneous combustion happens at 300°C. In the event of fire, wood chars on the surface, protecting its inner structure, creating a protective layer that slows down the speed of the flames. A wooden house doesn’t collapse, and keeps intact its structure and bearing capacity for a long time.


In the last few years, the market of wood in Italy started to evolve, so, Adveco decided to include in its production new tool for the construction of wooden houses. This is also due to the increasing care towards the ecologic emergency, starting with the issue of global warming and the need to start using renewable sources. Wood, in fact, decreases the greenhouse effect and requires little use of energy to be worked.


Building wooden houses, and using specific hardware, the time schedule of a construction site can be reduced, because the components of one building can be put together in the factory and then brought to the construction site. In this way, the construction site stays open just for a few days, in any kind of weather and with remarkable saving on the costs of the building process.

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