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07.10.2016 Company

Green Housing and Wood: A Sustainable, Sensible Choice

Green housing is a concept that has become—and still is becoming—more and more popular in advanced Countries. Green housing means sustainable housing, a kind of architecture that designs and builds edifices and structures in such a way that environmental impact is reduced to a minimum. Unfortunately, as far as Italy is concerned, this vital type of architectural mindset hasn’t quite set in yet; this is why it is essential to fully understand the outmost importance of taking dwelling welfare and the environment into great consideration


Dwelling welfare is strictly connected to the materials used in the building of houses and buildings, which is why wood is becoming a more and more popular choice. Wood is less expensive than other materials, and it’s also a natural kind of material that brings little to no environmental impact. The many seismic events that have struck Italy are behind the very first interests taken into the usage of wood for building purposes. Anti-seismic security is one of the main and best reasons to decide to build one’s house with wood. 


It’s not the only reason, of course; there are many advantages to a house built with wood. For example, other than being environmental-friendly, a house built with wood is extremely comfortable and can boast a quite striking appearance and a cozy interior. Moreover, a house built with wood is a far cheaper choice than others; wood can help you save up quite a lot as far as energy consumption is concerned. Wood is an excellent thermal insulating material, which brings along bills that are much easier to deal with. 

Wood is an eco-friendly material that respects the planet thanks to its recyclable qualities. 

Finally, a wooden structure is especially sturdy, durable, and fireproof. 

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