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07.10.2016 Company

Green Building: Italy’s Eco-friendly Future

Green building seems to be one of the very few fields in Italy that aren’t affected by the current crushing economic crisis. Eco-friendly architecture is ever evolving and ever expanding thanks to the mentality that younger generations and field experts are applying to property building and renovation in relation to the surrounding environment.                                                                                            

According to recent studies, the number of wooden buildings underwent a 6% increase in Italy over the course of 2013—request does’t only involve mountain areas anymore but has begun to also encompass coastal and inland territories in Central and Southern Italy. A house primarily made of wood is not only functional, less costly, and more friendly towards the environment; it’s also a lot faster to assemble (building a wooden house doesn’t require extraordinarily substantial lengths of time).

Thanks to the newer technologies, extremely sturdy eco-friendly structures can be erected for multi-floor houses and apartment houses. For example, in Milan, Polaris Italia S.r.l. completed four buildings in only 16 months at a similar cost to what would be needed to build ordinary structures and with 80% of energy savings

Wood is a kind of material that allows for several types of use. Moreover, it has thermal insulating properties that make for warm rooms in the winter and cool rooms in the summer. Not everyone is aware that wood also has acoustic insulating properties—this guarantees protection from external sounds and noises and makes for a relaxing, cozy surrounding indoors. 

Italian lending institutions, originally quite reluctant to grant loans for the building of wooden structures, are now fully aware of the potential of this kind of buildings and are issuing mortgages for the purchase of wooden real estate. 

Green building makes for an eco-friendly future, and that future might just be around the corner. 

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