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07.10.2016 Company

BiosPHera 2.0 - A Zero Energy Generation House challenge

Adveco is the supplier for an itinerant resarch project sponsored by Aktivhaus, the Department of Architecture and Design of the Polytechnic University of Turin, the University of Aosta Valley, the Vallée d'Aoste Structure and by the Zhephir, Minergie and PEFC Institutes, under the patronage of the Aosta Valley Region and with the participation of several national and foreign firms, and that was carried out with the contribution of 100 university students from all over Italy.

The goal was to build a house able to offer all the comforts we are used to, i.e. electrical appliances and all, and to guarantee energy autonomy, but that can also be "standard", i.e. a single model suitable for any kind of climate, from -10° to +40°C, with different ranges of pollution, saltiness, rain, etc...

For this research project, the air and walls temperature, the humidity, the quality of the air and the presence of particulate have been studied for over 12 months, together with data concerning the physiologcal and emotional reactions of the inhabitants, such as body temperature, skin conductivity and pulse, that can be affected by the environment.

Adveco took part to this futuristic project, of great ecological, anthropological and social interest, by supplying all the hardware parts for the building of the modular BiosPHera house 2.0, called Elio, that was the winnig project among those presented. That is a direct consequence of our skills, gained during several years of experience in the wooden houses sector, in which we work also with the most important firms of Trentino Alto-Adige, Aosta Valley, Austria and Germany for the construction of wooden eco-houses.

As it often happens for wooden houses, and more often for experimental projects like this, the products of hardware for wood made by Adveco for BiosPHera 2.0 are custom-made and produced in small lots.

The fact of being chosen by leading research institutes and gropus fills us with pride and surely is a reward for all the years of work and study together with our clients to find every time the most suitable solutions. Moreover, the personal satisfaction to contribute to the improvement of our quality of life and of our planet's motivates us to improve more and more and to believe in the potential of our reality and of our partners'.

For further information about this project, visit the website of BiosPHera 2.0

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