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News and events related to ADVECO and the hardware sector


07.10.2016 Company

Adveco supplies big firms

Adveco, a firm specialized in the production of hardware for wooden roofing, supplies big firms that produce and build wooden houses, wholesales and retails. Among Adveco’s clients there are suppliers of customers such as building companies and hardware stores.

Adveco’s hardware for wooden facilities can be found in the new catalogue 2016, printed in Italian and German, to satisfy all the clients of this factory seated in Villa Carcina, leader in the production and sale od hardware and small parts for wooden facilities.

Adveco’s hardware was also used in the 21th International Exposition of the Triennale of Milan, about the relationship between art and architecture. In that occasion, Adveco, seated in Villa Carcina (Brescia) contributed to the creation and installation by Studio Albori of Milan that displayed a wooden facilities built using only natural materials.

Adveco, a factory specialised in the production of hardware for wooden buildings and roofing, pressing and shearing of metal small parts, worked together with its long-time partner Casalogica and provided all the accessories for the support of that structure: bases and hangers, hardware, angle brackets of different sizes, screws and bolts. All these articles can be found in the new catalogue, printed in Italian and German.

Recently, Adveco has started a partnership with Casalogica, a firm seated in Brescia that builds natural and eco-friendly buildings. Casalogica is an innovative start up with the goal to promote constructions that are concrete-free and without hydrocarbon derivatives and that, has recently started to build straw houses, together with the more known wooden houses.

And it was for straw houses that Adveco was called to produce, initially, iron frameworks for informative boards to be put in a “straw house stand” prepared for an exhibition, but their partnership continues also in different works.

Adveco works with and supplies Casalogica, as well as other firms that build wooden facilities, particularly as far as bases, hangers and large size screws, plain and reinforced angle brackets of different sizes and all the small parts needed to build straw walls.

In the new catalogue, though, is missing a new joint that Adveco produced on request of a client firm that builds wooden facilities and gazebos. Anyway, this joint can be found in the website.

This particular joint allow to connect the beams that constitute the structure of the gazebo but, unlike our usual production, this new joint connects round pillars.

Adveco created some “gorges” using the technology of laser, thanks to the collaboration with a trusted partner expert in laser cut of metal tubes, and, then, completed the joint with some welding.

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