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House Line for Eco-friendly Houses

All the hardware needed to build wooden, eco-friendly houses.

House Line for Eco-friendly Houses

Linea house

An ecological choice that also saves you money

The market for wooden houses is now seeing strong and rapid growth.
There are many reasons why we are witnessing a growing demand for wooden houses and it is not just because of ecological issues.
In addition to providing excellent heat and noise insulation, as well as energy savings, wooden houses are prefabricated and modular. This means that costs are reduced and less time is needed for construction and installation, whilst there is a wide variety of styles, configurations and customisations to choose from.
Wooden houses have other significant advantages: they are natural and create exceptionally healthy living environments and, since wood is flexible, wooden structures tolerate seismic movement better than most other structures. And, although it might seem strange, wood can have a great resistance to fire.
Due to 30 years of unrivalled experience in producing hardware for building with wood, ADVECO has become a reliable, quality-certified and trusted partner of several manufacturers of wooded houses and coverings.
Angles of any shape and size, ribbed or smooth, even for technical purposes such as tensile forces. In this section, you can discover our production of specific hardware for constructing and assembling wooden houses.
Quality, expertise and cutting-edge technology are the elements that allow ADVECO great flexibility in terms of delivery, but other significant benefits are:
- Direct contact with the manufacturer: training and consulting
- No middleman: the most competitive prices
- Production of customised products
- Order small batches
- Reduce inventory
- Quick delivery
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